Pokemon Itinerant

The game Pokemon Intern Ant used to be called Pokemon Itinerant. It’s a fan-made RPG game created by RegalSword with RPGXP and Pokemon Essentials.

Rom NamePokemon Itinerant
Last update29 May 2023

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You’re on vacation in the Asteria Region! Your mission is to challenge the Asteria League and put a stop to Team Clarity!


  1. Experience Generation 9 gameplay mechanics.
  2. Enjoy visuals inspired by FireRed and LeafGreen.
  3. Encounter Generation 9 Pokemon.
  4. Witness the Terastal Phenomenon.
  5. Speed up your gameplay.
  6. Save your progress quickly with QuickSave.
  7. Share experience with the Exp. All.
  8. Take on the Battle Tower for exciting challenges.

Important: Version 6 of the game won’t be compatible with older saved games. However, this marks the final major update (excluding potential DLC), so you won’t need to start over again if things go well.

How to Play the Game:

  • If you’re playing on a mobile device, use JoiPlay 1.20.015 along with RPG Maker Plugin 1.20.19.
  • If you’re on a PC, you don’t need an emulator. This game is made in RMXP and is not a ROM hack. It’s unrelated to GBA games.
  • (This is where I would talk about the Debug Man… if I had one.)

Pokemon Itinerant now has a feedback form!

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