BGMI trial by fire is over and it can continue in India, but government will still monitor it every 3 months

Krafton, the company responsible for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), appears to have obtained official approval from the Indian government to continue operating the game in the country. This positive development follows a rigorous three-month audit of BGMI, during which the government did not raise any concerns about the game’s features or content.

BGMI trial by fire is over and it can continue in India, but government will still monitor it every 3 months

While this news is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for BGMI and its dedicated player base, it’s essential to understand that the government has outlined a strict monitoring plan for the game. BGMI will be subject to quarterly assessments to ensure ongoing compliance with all relevant regulations. These assessments will cover various aspects of the game’s operation. We have reached out to Krafton for further information on this matter and will update our report once we receive confirmation.

It’s noteworthy that BGMI’s competitor, Garena Free Fire, has also received approval to return to India after a suspension lasting approximately one and a half years. This development is likely to please fans of both games, as they can now enjoy their favorite titles in India for an extended period.

To recap, BGMI’s journey towards regaining approval began when it secured a three-month trial basis from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in May 2023. This approval arrived almost ten months after the game faced removal from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store following a government directive.

Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar shed light on the trial approval, citing BGMI’s successful resolution of issues related to server locations and data security. He previously emphasized that the government would closely monitor additional factors, including user harm and addiction, during the three-month trial period before making a final decision. Prior to their suspensions last year, BGMI and Free Fire ranked among India’s highest-grossing Android apps. Since its re-launch in May 2023, BGMI swiftly regained its status as the leading Android app by revenue on the Google Play Store in India, as per reports.

The updated version of BGMI introduces certain changes compared to its previous iteration, which was banned in India for nearly a year. Notably, the game now imposes limits on daily playtime for both adults and minors. Players under the age of 18 can play Battlegrounds Mobile India for a maximum of three hours per day, while adult players can enjoy up to six hours of gameplay daily. Additionally, the game includes features such as parental verification and daily spending limits for minors, enhancing its safety and compliance with regulations.

In conclusion, Krafton’s successful navigation through the government’s audit and the subsequent approval for BGMI’s continued operation in India is undoubtedly a positive development for the gaming community. However, the government’s commitment to regular monitoring and assessments underscores its dedication to ensuring the game complies with all relevant laws and regulations, particularly in areas related to user safety and responsible gaming. With both BGMI and Garena Free Fire making their return to the Indian gaming landscape, players can look forward to an extended period of enjoyment with their favorite titles.

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